21 Day Fast: Day 4

A Prayer for Day 4

An adaptation of Philippians 1:8-11 by Dr Ben Smith

This is my prayer. Let our feelings for one another be like those of  Jesus Christ.  His love was a lasting, unconditional commitment that longed for us, and died for us.  Let your love flourish in our church.  Let it bloom like the blossom of a most beautiful rose.

O Lord present a quiet and gentle presence in our church.  We love to worship   deeply and become  devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  May our quiet presence and generous heart be contagious to each other.

Help us love thoroughly, deeply with wisdom.  Teach us how to love appropriately.  Help us use our head to test our feelings. Let our love be without defect or fault.  Let our love be intelligent, not just gush.

Let our lives be something Jesus would be proud of, circumspect and exemplary.    May the fruits of love and Holy Spirit be bountiful in our behavior.  May our love cause Jesus to be attractive to others.  Let everyone be glorifying and praising God because of our love.

Surprise us with an abundant ingathering of souls.  Turn the hearts of people toward Jesus because of the love that they see in our hearts.  O Great and precious Lord, who brought us out from our sins in order to bring us into your presence and your bounty thank you for your presence today!

Thank you for your invitation to your Table .  May the Lord’s Supper bring us even closer to you and in oneness with one another.  O Crucified One, help us remember what you did for us at Calvary.

Send your Holy Spirit upon us today.  Let your love and grace fully rule in our minds and hearts today.