Opportunity Knocked – How Did You Respond?

In an interesting turn of events (which are for a later post) I became ordained and became the worship and administrative pastor at First Baptist Church Lake Dallas.

I began to see things differently as a Christian – not because I had a title in a church, but because I began to take my faith in Christ seriously. Lately thought something has begun to bother me about my faith. A deep concern that became sorrow had come over my heart and I began to be oppressed by God (I call this the wonderful oppression of Christ) to look at a subject that I was completely missing.


To many this is the single most terrifying word in all of Christianity. Don’t close this window! – Stay with me now…I began to be put in situations where the people around me had no faith, no belief. They were hurting, sick of life, sick of stress, and I was just going about my merry way.

Their dark, weary eyes told stories of abuse, loneliness, depression, and I was ignoring opportunities to witness to people in need because I didn’t want to deal with it or…the ugly truth…I didn’t know how.

We must examine this word Witness. To be a witness for Christ is to do what Christ did for other people. To reach people. Teach People. Preach to people. In many ways Jesus was a witness of Himself.

Why Can’t We Witness Like Jesus?

That’s a seriously hard question with a seriously difficult answer. However, there is one answer that will take your witnessing beyond where it has ever gone before and begin to close in on witness as Jesus did. LOVE.

Jesus loved people. He cried for them. He got made at them. He spoke to them. He healed them. He died for them. Jesus loved people. He reached them through the love He felt for them.

What if we became more concerned with loving others and made that our focus? What if we asked God to put love in our hearts toward everyone…coworkers, family (yes, this includes in-laws), church members we don’t get along with, neighbors, gamblers, prostitutes, thieves, murderers…add yours to the list.

Jesus Had A Mission

That mission was to save people. To give them a paradigm shift that they would have a relationship with the Father that was everlasting because He knew this worlds wasn’t the end.

He knew that once they died they would either go to heaven or they would go to hell. It didn’t matter to Him what their vocation was, He loved them where they were. He wanted them to be with Him in Heaven in the end.

He wanted to help them while they were still here on earth. He gave sight to people who had been living for years without sight so they could live our the rest of their days seeing the world that God created for them and being witnesses to the love that they received from Jesus despite being an outcast and a beggar.

Jesus met people where they were at in His time period with appropriate language and demonstration that would give them insight into what they could have eternally through belief in Him. He saw their needs and responded to them out of love and compassion. He witnessed to them out of love.

I have begun praying that God would make clear to me, give me courage and give me the right words in my heart when He puts opportunities for me to be a witness of love. Not to get a notch on my belt for witnessing 3 times this week, but to make a difference in someone on a real level.

It is selfish of me to keep the peace and contentment I have in Christ all to myself. So here we go…no excuses now.

Everyone has something they can talk to someone about. Everybody can ask someone how their day is, listen to someone, help someone change a tie, mow someone’s lawn, take someone brownies, go play video games with someone. And yes I know, the personality tests are all out there, and yes you are an I.N.T…yada yada, but don’t let those tests define the kind of witness you are for Christ.

Let Christ define the kind of witness you are for Him. Love God. Love others. Serve the world. Opportunity is going to knock…Go get em!

-Matt Fairchild-