What’s in Your Spiritual Toolbox: Generosity

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Most of us when we hear the word generosity think of benevolent giving to the less fortunate or charitable work. Thoughts seem to vary though when we think about Christian Generosity or Christian Giving. It’s important to note that these two phrases never actually come up in the Bible. So if they never actually come up in the Bible what do they mean and why do people within church culture use them?


As Christians there we are supposed to live lives that are compassionate and sometimes that goes hand in hand with being generous, but not just generous with our funds generous with our time. Over and over again in the Bible we see people investing into the lives of other people. While we are called to give to the church a much greater emphasis is put on discipleship and whether or not we are investing into the lives of the younger Christians around us. There is, in the Bible a premium that is placed on serving. While the money that is in our bank accounts can be replenished we can never make a deposit that will replenish our time, however we can invest that time into someone else’s life.


While gifts are great, time is the greatest gift that we can give someone. This week ask God how you can be generous with your time and the gifts that He has given you.