What’s in Your Spiritual Toolbox: Prayer

Spiritual Tool Box


As another eventful week in the life of our church is passing I think it’s time to unpack the spiritual tool of prayer. Fasting and Gratitude are important tools for us to use on a consistent basis they are both important and are given greater power in when used in tandem with prayer.


Prayer is our open line of communication to the throne room of heaven. it’s often something we say that we are going to do but fail in execution. We’ve all heard someone say “I’ll pray for you” yet we knew that they aren’t going to. The intentions are there but there is no follow through. For many of us we feel like we don’t know how to pray. We feel like there are some magic words that we are supposed to say that will move the heart of God to respond to our request. The Bible is pretty clear in letting us know that isn’t the case. When the disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 6 how we are supposed to pray, He gives them the Lord’s Prayer. It’s an outline for how to pray. Paul in Philippians 4 tells us that we should rejoice and with thanksgiving make our request known to God. James 5 tells us that the urgent prayers of the righteous are powerful. You see there aren’t any magic words or special sequences, God already knows that’s in our heart and He wants to respond to it. Pray is a disciple. Our relationship with God is like all others in the sense that it has to be nurtured. Open lines of communication are important. You wouldn’t want to be known as that friend who only called when they needed something, would you? Of course not, it’s the same in our relationship with Christ. This is a point that we’ll explore a little more next week. For now just remember that there aren’t special words for us to say to move the heart of God. That He wants to hear our hearts and knows what is in them. Prayer is a powerful tool. It’s time that we take it out and use it.